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Monday, August 6, 2012

Changes Coming

Hellooooo there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. There's lots of new and exciting things coming this way but it's gonna take a lil bit so, hang on with me and be patient. In the meantime, check out this beautiful senior;) IMG_2006-E "It's not about the ideas. It's about making the ideas happen" 99U (by Behance)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Well, for those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I've been feeling pretty darn sick since Monday. Talk dry itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and body ache. I really thought this was going to be a one day deal but man o man, I'm on day 3 and do not feel better AT ALL! With all of that, we still managed to have a wonderful Valentines day here in the Bonilla residence, germs and all. We did some minor decorating, wrote out some cards, and filled up some goodie bags for the grandparents. Not gonna lie, I took some cat naps here and there, only way I could of made it through the day. Well, my hubby and kiddos totally surprised me at the end of the day. They totally spoiled me with a Mini Spa Treatment. Soaked my feet in some really hot water (LOVE HOT WATER), Sea Salt foot massage, arms and hand rub, lemon infused water, chocolate chip croissant, and then, my hubby took out the massage chair (Be Still My Heart). It was just fantastic! It really all came at the perfect time because, momma was feeling oh so busted:(





Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Funny Commercials

As I've previously mentioned, I love having a good laugh. Wether it be a joke, an unintentional comment, a gesture, I just love to laugh. Yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, i had a blast just hanging out with the girls. Nope, I didn't watch the game. Nothing at all against football, I'm just not that into it. I've watched a game or two with the hubbs but, I'd much rather hang with the girls. The guys (and some girls;) sat in the living room watching the game and I sat in the dining room table munching, guessed it LAUGHING! I did join the fellas in the living room every now and then, to watch commercials. My hubby would call me over to watch the super funny ones. There were a few but my favorite two were the following...

What were your favorite? Tell me! Tell me!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I'm going on my 4th year of homeschooling my kiddos. At first it just started as the normal teaching the abc's and 123's, never thought I'd actually not send my kids to public school and teach them myself. I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed it. I remember when my husband first presented it as a possibility. My daughter was about 2 years old and my son was a newborn. I was counting the days until I got a few hours to myself from at least one of them while they were in school. Just the mention of me having more work than what I already did made me want to freak out, I was like "NO WAY"! My mind set has changed a lot since then. I love watching them grow, not just physically but intellectually. They've had their struggles and it really has been so rewarding to see them overcome them. I'm very proud of them. They both have their lazy moments but then they have their "Mom, I'm bored, I want to do homework" and it's the weekend! Ok! Every year I think it's going to be my last but then, we start another. My main goal is to make sure they learn at their level and have fun in the process. So far, so good;)



Saturday, February 4, 2012


Must I say more? Contrary to what others may think, I am not addicted to it. I just REALLY enjoy it. Coffee has special powers. I mean, it's around when you meet new people, have a headache, visit your mom, sister, or aunt, have "difficult" conversations, wake up in the morning, need help to make it thru a hard day. Come on now, tell me that's not something special and powerful. Now, I'm not saying that its the best thing for you or that you should be drinking 10 cups a day, I'm just saying...a special cup-a-day of your favorite Jo ain't never hurt nobody. Ok, I take that back, it hasn't hurt me as of yet! Happy Day ya'll;)


Friday, February 3, 2012

35 and Babies

Sooo, I'm about to turn the big Three Five soon. That's a big deal for me. Not for the reasons many may think but, because it is somewhat of a cutoff for me. I come from a large family (youngest of 5 kids). Although it has it's ups and downs, I love it. We're a loud and crazy bunch and I wouldn't have it any other way. In the perfect world, I would've done it just like my mom, cinco bambinos! Bam! BUT, they don't make em like my momma anymore, lol. I really thought we'd have at least 4 kids, alongside the white picket fenced home...yadda, yadda, yadda. However, in the real world, things don't always turn out the way we plan them to.

Sooo, next month I will be 35, MY cutoff for child bearing. Why 35? Ah-dunno. Just is. One thing's for sure though, no matter how old I get, I will always love me some babies! I love their smell, their soft skin, and their tiny little clothes. Not sure if I will have anymore of my own but, I'll always have family and friends who's cutoff dates are much later than mine:D I will get to hold, smell, cuddle, touch, and even change a poopy diaper THEN, I can kindly give them back and go home;) Gotta look at the bright side of things right?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sense of Humor

I'm running around like a crazy woman today so, I'm posting from my cell phone today. Gonna be short and sweet but guaranteed to make you laugh.

I just LOVE being around people with a great sense of humor. I mean, who really wants to be around grouchy people right? I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by super funny people and one of them just happens to be my husband. He got a text message from someone the other day and he forwarded the convo to me. I couldn't stop laughing. He could've just written "wrong number" but no...he had to add a little humor to the situation. Feel free to share any similar funny situations in the comment section. Looking forward to reading them! Happy Tuesday!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loved and Happy

Happy February! Month of Love as some may call it. I am soo excited to get February started. So many things have happened and I haven’t blogged a thing about them. I will, eventually. Just not today. Moving along.

Just the other day I was thinking about my old blog. The one that started off as me sharing stories mostly of my simple life and sharing photos of my beautiful kids and wonderful husband. It was so much fun and I looked forward to posting stories and hearing what people had to say. Somewhere, somehow, things changed. As my photography took off and I started shooting professionally I lost some of that joy in blogging and shooting. It became more about work and less about the happenings of life. I’m clearly aware that it didn’t have to be that way, however, that’s what happened. I saw myself documenting special moments in the lives of others and kinda sorta stopped doing it in my own. I barely took pictures of the kids. Didn’t really take my camera out to personal events because I’d somehow end up being the official photographer and not get to enjoy the moment. I was basically just shooting for work and not out of that.

My recent thoughts of my old blog made me take a trip down memory lane. I smiled so hard it made my cheeks hurt. My kiddos were so little and cute. My favorite blog post has got to be the one where I let my kids paint my toenails and I actually went to Target like that…with sandals! I want to go back to that. I want to make the time to blog. Not just about photography, but what drove me to love photography the way I do. My kids. My family. My life. Sooo, all that just to say…I’m baaaack! And I’m starting off with a fun month of “Stuff I Love.” A full 29 days;) Woohoo!

So, I’ve pretty much written about today’s “Love”. Blogging. Some may think it’s a thing of the past but I for one still love blogs. Facebook and Twitter are also fun, but blogging allows you to know the people behind the quick quotes and the fun images. They each have their audiences (I personally like them all). I see it this way, Facebook and Twitter are like title’s to wonderful songs and blogs are the lyrics that allow you to possibly relate, sing, and perhaps dance along. Cool huh?

Happy Love Month! Come back tomorrow and see what’s up;)

(These pics are a little old. My hair's longer and a different color and my boy no longer has his two front teeth, however, they describe exactly how I feel right now. Loved and Happy;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

11 years ago...

I remember waking up really early (around six a.m.) in order to finish packing for our first trip together...alone. No chaperones. Just us. Wasn't exactly sure what to pack so I just packed a little of everything, just in case. About an hour later I was all done. I zipped up my navy blue, over packed, mid sized suitcase and exhaled, nervously. That exciting yet nauseating feeling started to take over me. It was time. Time to open the door to my bedroom and face the most hectic yet anxiously waited day of my life...our wedding day.

Exactly 11 years later...
I wake up early (around six a.m.) and double check the suitcase I packed for our two bambino's and I. This time, I knew exactly what to pack. Fifteen minutes later, I was all done. Zipped up our black, perfectly packed, midsize suitcase and exhaled, with excitement and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe to you how different I feel today. That 23 year old girl you married 11 years was a hot mess. I mean, I may have looked better on the outside (I'm working on that dawg;) but on the inside, you had your hands full for quite some time there huh buddy? I thought I knew stuff back then. Thought I had it all figured out. Turns out, I had NO CLUE! I've matured since then, a bunch (ok, just a little;). I'm a much more confident person today. I know it's life's experiences that help mold the person you turn out to be but, I know those we surround ourselves with have a huge influence and impact in our lives. I'm so blessed and thankful God chose me for you and you for me. He really did take into consideration my weaknesses when pairing us up. I won't sit here and type them all out cause we know that there's a lot, but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from. Marrying you was one of THE BEST decisions I ever made. The husband that I have and the father our children have in you is our most precious treasure.

So yeah, 11 years ago, we celebrated THE GRANDEST party of our lives (up to date-until we have to dish it out for one of our bambino's). I enjoyed every minute of that day. From the big puffy dress, to the wonderful people who surrounded us and supported our union from the very beginning. We began our journey on our wedding day and I have to tell you, every moment after that has surpassed my wildest dreams. You're definitely a keeper mister. You're stuck with me FOREVAHHH!! Happy Anniversary Negrito lindo! MUAH!!

You know that feeling you got a while back when you took Caleb to buy the dart board he earned and the original price was $20 and when the cashier rang it up and it was only $3? You double checked with the cashier and she assured you that was the price. I'm sure you grabbed the receipt and ran out before she called out "Sir, come back...that was a mistake". Well, 11 years later, I still have that "too good to be true" feeling with you. Been hiding my receipt in case I hear someone yell "HEY LADY COME BACK...!"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Six Things I love about you

1.) The way you say your sister's name (Alytha)
2.) The "Choco-latte" dance you do for Abuela when you want her to make you chocolate milk.
3.) That you ask your sister if you should comb your hair spikey, or flat.
4.) The way you flex your muscles when you ask your dad to wrestle with you.
5.) How you attempt to speak spanish to all babies.
6.) When you ask "Is this song Christian" when we are jamming to a song in the car.

(It was so hard to limit myself to just six).
Bday Blog

My dearest Caleb, there are so much more than Six things that I love about you, but your momma was trying to be all cute and match her blog title with your age. I love to celebrate you, wether it is your birthday or not. On this very special day, six years ago, God blessed your daddy, your big sister, and I with the most precious little boy that has brought joy, laughter, and excitement every single day since then. There is never a dull moment with you. We pray that the Lord bless you with many more wonderful years because your existence is simply a blessing to all those who love you (which is a bunch of us;).

Happy Sixth Birthday baby!

Add'l things I love about you (because I can):
- That you love to read
- That you know how to use the Iphone better than Titi Bethsy and I ;)
- Your unhealthy relationship with salami (the kid LOVES salami)
- That you randomly text your family and friends to say hi (Family man in the works)
- That you walk JUST like your dad
- Your smile (especially now that your missing a top front tooth).
- Pretty much EVERYTHING about you!

Feel free to comment what you love about Mr. Caleb. Come's his birthday, don't let him down!! (He just might send you a text thanking you;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Five Things I'm loving about shooting weddings

1. Getting to know the couple during the wedding process.

2. Capturing the "just before" moments of the wedding.

3. Witnessing true love

4. The wild and fun family/friends.

5. Feeling like family at the end of it all.

(Stay tuned for more on Alex and Marinelis Puerto Rico Destination wedding).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wow. Like really. That's all I can! I'm shocked I even remembered the password to my blog. Go ahead. Say it! "LOSER!" I can hear you, you know. In the middle of the night, when I'm trying to sleep..."What's up with that girl? She hasn't blogged in like forever...LOSER". Yeah, whatev. You're right. I'm a loser...get over it;)

Anyways, I'm back! At least for today. Let's just do one day at a time K? Hee-hee. So a lot has happened in the past few months...the one that has consumed my life the most though? The Move. We moved. Not like out of the state or anything, just 10 minutes away but this move has seemed eternal. Packing. Moving. Unpacking. Organizing. Unfinished projects. Then some more organizing in order to finish unpacking. Ugghh! Life is ALMOST back to normality but not just yet. And in between all the crazies, I was still shooting all kinds of wonderful people. I have made some awesome new friends, from teeny boppers to newbie mommies. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have the BEST clients ever. Very understanding through these very busy and overwhelming months. Thank you all so much (you know who you are;). As noticed, I haven't blogged any recent sessions. I've totally been slacking and doing the easy sneak preview on facebook. I mean, it gets the job done of previewing pictures of the session but blogging brings it to life. I know! I know! I need to get back to that, and I will. I promise. I have a lot of catching up to do though, so maybe I'll work backwards until I do. At any rate, this is just a "Hello, remember me" post. Testing the waters to see if my followers still live on with me., you still there? Tap-tap...hello:/


Friday, March 4, 2011

Orlando and a Princess

Oh my, we will not even talk about the bad blogger that I was in February. Really. We won't;) On to more positive things!

Today, my darling friend bloggers, is a good day! I'm off to Orlando, Florida to celebrate one of my darling sister's 40th birthday:D Shhh, don't tell her I told you how OLD she's turning...hee, hee. The last 24 hours have been the crazies because well, there's a lot to get done when you're planning a mini weekend getaway, even if your kids aren't coming with you (jumping for joy in my pants!!). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being with my kids. A part of me is quite saddened that I will be going to Mickey land without them (SUPER DUPER SHHHHH on that one, they know mommy is going to Orlando BUT there is no need to rub it in with the details). Where was I? Oh yes, Loving my kids. I really, really love being with them but, for my own mental stability, and for the sake of their safety...momma needs to get out every now and then and do "just her" for a teensy little while. Can I get an amen out there?

Before leaving though, I promised a beautiful princess a little more of a sneak peek to her fifteen's session we did at Vizcaya a couple weeks ago, and considering the poor girl has been waiting since NOVEMBER 2010 to actually take her pictures, I thought she absolutely deserved it. Her session had to be postponed and rescheduled due to unpredictable and unpreventable issues (braces, vacations, holidays, rain). I was beginning to think maybe this was a sign from the heavens but nope, it was not. Little Miss Samantha totally rocked this session. She is such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. The weather was just perfect. I had an absolute lovely time getting to know her and her mom a little better ( rock too babe;) So without further ado, heeeeeeeerrres Samantha!












Susan and Samantha, thanks again for choosing me! As always, it was my pleasure and honor;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

To: You
From: Us

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miss Evelini

This past weekend was her 10th birthday. I guess watching her older sister get photographed over and over again by me (per her request thank-you-very-much), she finally felt a little green. She told her mom "I want a session with Titi (tea-tea, spanish for auntie) Margie for my birthday". So, her mommy (my sister) called me up and kindly requested a date for the soon to be 10 year old diva. We shot on her actual birthdate. I picked her up at her house and she was all ready to work it. Evelyn is a VERY confident young girl. I mean, you should see the things this little girl wears to school. Fashionista and a half. I was a little surprised at her outfit choices for the session. Very conservative to say the least. On our way to the shoot I found out her mom gave her restrictions. Aha! No wonder. At any rate, she looked adorable. I had a great time having her in front of my lens. She was very comfortable just being herself and laughed at all my silly jokes and gestures, made me feel GREAT:D Someone else other than me thinks I'm funny! Yay!

Evelini, you made me feel all fuzzy inside when I found out you specifically requested little ole me to take pictures of you. I am very proud of you and the little girl you are growing to be. I love you very much and pray wonderful blessings on your little fashion statemented life! (If that's even a word;)








Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Definitely something I've been wanting to see in all areas of my life. Don't get me wrong, I am a truly happy woman. Feel truly blessed beyond measure. However, I need change. I want change. It can be scary but, in many cases, totally necessary. It pushes you to uncomfortable places but, once you accept, embrace, and adapt, it can feel pretty powerful and so darn good!

I'm taking baby steps but this year I am going out of my element in many areas in my life because I want to see change. Frustration has been wanting to come over for dinner and possibly stay for a while and quite frankly, she's not welcomed. So, instead of entertaining unwanted guest, I've taken a different approach. There's a quote that I have heard and read many times and every time I come across it, I picture those HUGE orangey foam hands with the pointing finger pointed directly at me. It goes something like this: "Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting a different result". Like wow. Really! Soo true! It applies to so many areas in my life and...IT BUGS ME! So, time for change. Time to get uncomfortable. Time to accept, embrace, and adapt. I'm just in the beginning stages but, already, I fell less insane. Yay me!

And here I leave you with some photos of my beautiful niece as I tackled a project I've been wanting to try for a while, night photography with an external flash. Still have a lot to learn but, at least I finally tried it and we had fun in the process. Trying new things in order to experience change.







Special thanks to my hubby for helping me out that night. (Bodyguard slash flashlight pointer slash stylist slash best thing that has ever happened to me;)

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