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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loved and Happy

Happy February! Month of Love as some may call it. I am soo excited to get February started. So many things have happened and I haven’t blogged a thing about them. I will, eventually. Just not today. Moving along.

Just the other day I was thinking about my old blog. The one that started off as me sharing stories mostly of my simple life and sharing photos of my beautiful kids and wonderful husband. It was so much fun and I looked forward to posting stories and hearing what people had to say. Somewhere, somehow, things changed. As my photography took off and I started shooting professionally I lost some of that joy in blogging and shooting. It became more about work and less about the happenings of life. I’m clearly aware that it didn’t have to be that way, however, that’s what happened. I saw myself documenting special moments in the lives of others and kinda sorta stopped doing it in my own. I barely took pictures of the kids. Didn’t really take my camera out to personal events because I’d somehow end up being the official photographer and not get to enjoy the moment. I was basically just shooting for work and not out of that.

My recent thoughts of my old blog made me take a trip down memory lane. I smiled so hard it made my cheeks hurt. My kiddos were so little and cute. My favorite blog post has got to be the one where I let my kids paint my toenails and I actually went to Target like that…with sandals! I want to go back to that. I want to make the time to blog. Not just about photography, but what drove me to love photography the way I do. My kids. My family. My life. Sooo, all that just to say…I’m baaaack! And I’m starting off with a fun month of “Stuff I Love.” A full 29 days;) Woohoo!

So, I’ve pretty much written about today’s “Love”. Blogging. Some may think it’s a thing of the past but I for one still love blogs. Facebook and Twitter are also fun, but blogging allows you to know the people behind the quick quotes and the fun images. They each have their audiences (I personally like them all). I see it this way, Facebook and Twitter are like title’s to wonderful songs and blogs are the lyrics that allow you to possibly relate, sing, and perhaps dance along. Cool huh?

Happy Love Month! Come back tomorrow and see what’s up;)

(These pics are a little old. My hair's longer and a different color and my boy no longer has his two front teeth, however, they describe exactly how I feel right now. Loved and Happy;)


Anonymous Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

Yea! I loved reading your blogs. Always made me smile or laughed after reading one of them. Can't wait to see what you have for us :D. So on that note..."Welcome back, Margie Bonilla...Welcome back!"


Jazmin Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

L <3 V E it! Fun & Inspiring! I've been contemplating starting my own blog...hmm....let's see what happens?

Anonymous Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

Just clicked on your old blog. Never knew you had short hair, very nice! Your blog post are always fun to read so I'm looking forward february. I also love reading blogs so keep them coming and welcome back. Us bloggies missed you.


Anonymous Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

I love love love how you write! You always make me laugh :) your pictures are AMAZING! Love JJ :)

Damaris Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

I am so glad you are back. You have been missed. The good thing about your reflection is that you have realized that you can do something about documenting your own journey. Enjoy the everyday sis...can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Hugs-mary

Emily Wednesday, February 01, 2012  

I've always enjoyed reading your blogs, they're always so fun and interesting : ) keep them coming because they were surely missed!

Ady Thursday, February 02, 2012  

Promises, Promises...LOL I usually check in once a month to see if there is anything here. I'm excited... Bring it girl... I need some inspiration this month to get my creative juices flowing. Love ya

Margie Wednesday, February 08, 2012  

Thanks everyone! I really am trying my hardest to keep up with it. Can you believe that hardest thing about the whole thing for me is THE PICTURES! Finding/taking just the right ones to go along with my ramblings. I'm working on it! Love ya all!!

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