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Friday, August 12, 2011

11 years ago...

I remember waking up really early (around six a.m.) in order to finish packing for our first trip together...alone. No chaperones. Just us. Wasn't exactly sure what to pack so I just packed a little of everything, just in case. About an hour later I was all done. I zipped up my navy blue, over packed, mid sized suitcase and exhaled, nervously. That exciting yet nauseating feeling started to take over me. It was time. Time to open the door to my bedroom and face the most hectic yet anxiously waited day of my life...our wedding day.

Exactly 11 years later...
I wake up early (around six a.m.) and double check the suitcase I packed for our two bambino's and I. This time, I knew exactly what to pack. Fifteen minutes later, I was all done. Zipped up our black, perfectly packed, midsize suitcase and exhaled, with excitement and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe to you how different I feel today. That 23 year old girl you married 11 years was a hot mess. I mean, I may have looked better on the outside (I'm working on that dawg;) but on the inside, you had your hands full for quite some time there huh buddy? I thought I knew stuff back then. Thought I had it all figured out. Turns out, I had NO CLUE! I've matured since then, a bunch (ok, just a little;). I'm a much more confident person today. I know it's life's experiences that help mold the person you turn out to be but, I know those we surround ourselves with have a huge influence and impact in our lives. I'm so blessed and thankful God chose me for you and you for me. He really did take into consideration my weaknesses when pairing us up. I won't sit here and type them all out cause we know that there's a lot, but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from. Marrying you was one of THE BEST decisions I ever made. The husband that I have and the father our children have in you is our most precious treasure.

So yeah, 11 years ago, we celebrated THE GRANDEST party of our lives (up to date-until we have to dish it out for one of our bambino's). I enjoyed every minute of that day. From the big puffy dress, to the wonderful people who surrounded us and supported our union from the very beginning. We began our journey on our wedding day and I have to tell you, every moment after that has surpassed my wildest dreams. You're definitely a keeper mister. You're stuck with me FOREVAHHH!! Happy Anniversary Negrito lindo! MUAH!!

You know that feeling you got a while back when you took Caleb to buy the dart board he earned and the original price was $20 and when the cashier rang it up and it was only $3? You double checked with the cashier and she assured you that was the price. I'm sure you grabbed the receipt and ran out before she called out "Sir, come back...that was a mistake". Well, 11 years later, I still have that "too good to be true" feeling with you. Been hiding my receipt in case I hear someone yell "HEY LADY COME BACK...!"


Anonymous Friday, August 12, 2011  

Que linda! You guys have inspired many, including me! May you always love and cherish each other. And may God bless you with many more years of happiness. Love you!

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