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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miss Evelini

This past weekend was her 10th birthday. I guess watching her older sister get photographed over and over again by me (per her request thank-you-very-much), she finally felt a little green. She told her mom "I want a session with Titi (tea-tea, spanish for auntie) Margie for my birthday". So, her mommy (my sister) called me up and kindly requested a date for the soon to be 10 year old diva. We shot on her actual birthdate. I picked her up at her house and she was all ready to work it. Evelyn is a VERY confident young girl. I mean, you should see the things this little girl wears to school. Fashionista and a half. I was a little surprised at her outfit choices for the session. Very conservative to say the least. On our way to the shoot I found out her mom gave her restrictions. Aha! No wonder. At any rate, she looked adorable. I had a great time having her in front of my lens. She was very comfortable just being herself and laughed at all my silly jokes and gestures, made me feel GREAT:D Someone else other than me thinks I'm funny! Yay!

Evelini, you made me feel all fuzzy inside when I found out you specifically requested little ole me to take pictures of you. I am very proud of you and the little girl you are growing to be. I love you very much and pray wonderful blessings on your little fashion statemented life! (If that's even a word;)









Anonymous Wednesday, February 09, 2011  

OH MY! My other princess. How beautiful is you Ms Evelini! Margie, you rock!. Love the way you make this pictures reflect who they are. I'm still shocked with the pic where Ev is riding the scooter...shows the kid in her but at the same time our munchkin is growing up! Great job Marge!


Anonymous Wednesday, February 09, 2011  

WOW! All I can say is WOW!!! She had a great time with U. Would not stop talking about all she did. But then again when have u known Ev 2 b lost for words? Thank you so much! You made her birthday happier! Awesome work like always. Never disappointed. Love them all but my favorite is the one she is looking up at you with a smerk! So Evelyn! You're the best! Ely

Damaris Wednesday, February 23, 2011  

She is so big. I LOVE MY NIECE. Great job Margie.

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