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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They grow so fast

I could remember the days my sister use to let him sleep over when he was a toddler. He was a cuddler, liked to cuddle and I loved every minute of it. He would snuggle up really close, hug me, and kiss my cheek (he melted my heart). Then he grew up, and believe it or not, he still likes to cuddle but in a different kind of way. You know, the "Titi, let me see if I can carry you" kind of way, or wrestling with his uncle, or snatching his cousins hat from his head and running away. That's his way of saying...I love you. He's a teenager now, just turned 15 a few weeks ago. We did a mini session in order to make some invitations for his birthday party. I didn't think it was going to happen because, well, he's ALWAYS goofing around in front of the camera. He actually told me "naw Titi, that's not my thing". I guess his mom talked me out of it and I was so happy he agreed. We had such a nice time and I was very impressed with my new teenage nephew. He's growing up! He actually let me take his picture, and he wasn't crossing his eyes. Look how handsome he is. I love him so much, wish I could pick him up, hold him close, and kiss his cheek but, I will have to settle with letting him pick me up for now. I love you Elijah. Muah!




He likes to play chess so I wanted to get him in action. Taught me a couple things, I can't play if my life depended on it but, looks interesting;)



Damaris Wednesday, June 23, 2010  

Oh my, he is big isn't he? I can not believe I have a young man for a son. WHERE DID THE TIME GO? Once again, you have outdone yourself lady. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT PICS!!! THANK YOU!

Anonymous Wednesday, June 23, 2010  

I love this story/post. My son plays on a chess team and I would have never thought of taking pictures of him playing. Very nice. Can you squeeze me in this summer? hee-hee. I'll be calling you soon.


Ady Thursday, June 24, 2010  

My Eliju is so big.. Those photos are fantastic. I'm penciling my appointment for March 2015 for D'Angelo's fifteen photos. LOL...

Yiyi Thursday, June 24, 2010  

I saw him and couldn't believe how big he is. I remember him running around in church as a toddler. Pics are amazing! Nice job Margie.


Vanessa, Florida, USA Monday, June 28, 2010  

These photos ROCK girlfriend :) Kudos to you! He looks so grown up and handsome - WOW!!! One day I'll get to reserve my photo shoot - hopefully, a pregnancy and baby shoot - I cannot wait... Teeheee!

Haberdawoman Tuesday, June 29, 2010  

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! You did a wonderful job!!

Dennisse Wednesday, June 30, 2010  

OMG!!! He's soooo BIG!!!! I can't believe how handsome he's gotten. May God bless him! As always great job Margie!

Anonymous Friday, August 06, 2010  

My loving nephew. You look GREAT! I am so proud of you. Margie, 'baby sister'...again, wonderful job. Such great talent has been bestowed upon you and you have taken it above and beyond. For sure it has not been wasted...

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